Preliminary Plan of Subdivision

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What is a preliminary plan of subdivision?

A preliminary plan of subdivision will show your intended new lot layout including the proposed setbacks and square metres of the new lots.

Why do you need a preliminary plan of subdivision?

If you are looking to subdivide your property into two or more lots (a dual occupancy subdivision, for example), you will require a preliminary plan of subdivision to accompany your development application to Council to gain subdivision consent.

What can Geo point Surveyors do for you?

Geo point Surveyors is fully insured and have Registered Surveyors employed to carry out and sign your preliminary plan of subdivision. We pride ourselves on our three tier quality control process and providing exceptional customer service to all our clients.

More information about a preliminary plan of subdivision

The plan is calculated and drafted and shows the new individual lots and their site area and dimensions and any rights of carriageway etc. required.