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Geo Point Surveyors is a renowned and reliable survey firm in Sydney. There are many different survey services that we provide including Detail surveys. 

Detail surveys are one of the various service offerings at Geo Point Surveyors. 

As you might be aware, Detail Surveys are alternatively known as topographic surveys. The process involved in carrying out a Detail Survey in Sydney includes accurate measures, and mapping of the existing site’s terrain, features, and structure.

This survey is used by designers, construction companies, land developers, and environmental planners.


Here are some reasons why you should use  Geo Point Surveyors to carry out Detail Surveys for your project:

Accurate Data Collection

We use total stations, GPS receivers, and laser scanners to collect data about the site. We capture positions, elevations, and dimensions of natural and buildings, vegetation, roads, utilities, and terrain.

Contour Mapping

Contour maps depict the shape and elevation of the site. Geo Point Surveyors‘ teams meticulously establish contour lines based on the collected elevation data, enabling a clear representation of the site’s topography and slopes.

Feature and Utility Identification

Our team identifies and maps site features such as structures, fences, trees, water bodies, and drainage systems that can impact the design and plans for land development. We also painstakingly detail water and sewer lines, electrical wiring, and other utilities to enable the developers to understand the existing systems that they need to work with.

Data Presentation

We are known for our details and perfection. Moreover, the way that we present the data allows architects, engineers, planners, and other professionals.

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