Boundary Identification Surveys Sydney

What are Boundary Identification Surveys?

Boundary identification surveys give us essential information for all kinds of land transactions, development projects and disputes involving land boundaries. Our team is comprised of professionals and we adhere to industry standards and local regulations.


How can Geo Point Surveyors help you with Boundary Identification Surveys?

At Geo Point Surveyors, we specialize in accurate and reliable boundary identification surveys. Our experienced team of surveyors uses advanced surveying techniques and technology for precise property boundary survey.

Why do you need Boundary Identification Surveys?

Whether you are a property owner, developer, or legal professional, our boundary survey & identification services are bound to make your work easier. We allow you to focus your efforts on the things that matter while we help you with data and boundary identification information so that you don’t have to worry about legalities and regulations. 

What is the process of Boundary Identification Surveys?

This is how the boundary identification survey process works in Australia. Although there are slight differences between states, the overall process is similar. 

Property Boundary Survey starts with a land survey using existing landmarks, GPS technology and total stations for accurate measurements. This is followed by a plan preparation which is a legal document that illustrates the boundaries of the land. The Survey Plan is then submitted to authorities or approval, and after verification by authorities the land authority updates the land titles. 

Geo Point Surveyors make the whole process easy for you. We do all the related legwork, while you can focus on your work. Call us today!

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