Occupation Surveys

Geo Point Surveyors are known for carrying out accurate surveys that can be used by authorities and professionals. One of the surveys that we carry out very well is Occupational Survey. 

Occupational surveys or as-built surveys document and verify the existing condition of a structure after it is constructed or has been renovated.


It is important to carry out Occupational surveys for accurate information about measurements, dimensions, and details. These surveys help to compare the actual measurements with the original design and plans so that compliance with the plan and building regulations can be ascertained. 

Geo Point Surveyors offers occupational survey services for developers and property owners to get their occupational certificates and to make sure that the building has been constructed as per standard.

Occupational surveys are carried out to fulfill these purposes:

  • Compliance and Certification
  • Verification of Construction
  • Maintenance and Renovation
  • Legal and Insurance Purposes

At Geo Point Surveyors, our experienced surveyors and technicians carry out occupational surveys to obtain accurate data and to make sure that comprehensive reports are prepared for all professionals or authorities that require this data. 

We assist clients in obtaining the necessary regulatory compliance and in being able to record the as-built conditions of the building. The latter information is not only required by the authorities but can also be crucial at times for insurance claims or assessment of fulfillment of contractual obligations. 

Our team is committed to accuracy, efficiency, and client satisfaction, and this is what sets us apart from other surveyors. 

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