Work as Executed Surveys

Work as executed surveys verify that construction or infrastructure works have been completed according to the approved plans and specifications. These surveys are also known as executed surveys and are a requirement for construction and development projects. These surveys document the completed work and also capture the as-built conditions of the project site and infrastructure.


If you are in need of professionals who will decrease the tediousness of the legalities and conduct accurate and reliable survey reports for you, then look no further than Geo Point Surveyors.

Our services include:

Site Verification

Our experienced surveyors visit the project site to verify and compare the completed work with the original design plans. This process enables the authorities to understand if constructed elements, such as buildings, roads, utilities, and other infrastructure, are in accordance with the approved designs.

Accurate Measurements

Accurate measurements are a necessary part of these surveys because they help to prevent any disputes that can occur if the information is not reliable. We use state-of-the-art surveying equipment and techniques to capture all dimensions of the property.

Documentation and Reporting

The outcome of all these efforts is accurate reporting. We prepare detailed reports and drawings including measurements, annotations, and other essential information that provides complete information of the work done.

Compliance and Certification

As expert surveyors, Geo Point is known for the accuracy and comprehensiveness of its survey reports. We keep updated with

We ensure that the “Work as Executed” surveys comply with industry standards and local regulations. Our surveyors possess the necessary expertise to certify the accuracy and completeness of the survey documentation, providing you with the necessary certifications for compliance purposes.

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