Geo Point Surveyors are the providers of Professional Surveying Services in Australia. We are known for our reliable and accurate surveys. We are specialised surveyors with a team and experienced and qualified people who take ownership of the work and deliver high quality land surveys, subdivision plans, boundary identification surveys and other surveying services.


Expertise and Services
We pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive survey services for which we employ state of the art technology and techniques. We also utilise updated and advanced software to ensure precise and efficient surveying outcomes.

As expert surveyors in Australia we offer the following range of services for our clients:

Land Surveying
Our land surveys include topographic surveys, feature surveys, contour surveys, and identification surveys. Through these surveys we report accurate measurements and a detailed mapping of land features. Different land surveys are used for different reasons, but the main aspect of all surveys is to enable objective and informed decision-making for property owners, developers, and construction professionals including architects.

Subdivision Plans
Subdivision plans prepared by our expert team of surveyors are used for dividing larger lands into smaller lots. The whole process of subdivision from survey, to lot design, and documentation for approval is handled by our team. On our part, we make sure that all documentation is in order and that there is complete compliance with all regulations from local councils and other bodies. With subdivision plans in our hands, we make sure that the process is facilitated and that you can concentrate on your real work – sales of the land or its development.

Boundary Identification Surveys
We use boundary identification surveys to resolve boundary disputes and to clarify boundaries of property. We make sure to accurately identify and map the property and provide clear details and reliable information for owners of property, legal professionals and developers of land.

Easement Surveys
The demarcation and identification of easements on properties is also a job we do meticulously. An easement is a legal right that allows someone to use a portion of another person’s property for a specific purpose. It grants the holder of the easement certain rights, while the property owner retains ownership and control of the land.

Our easement surveys involve the identification and mapping of easements on properties. We assist property owners and easement beneficiaries in understanding and managing their easement rights and obligations. Our easement surveys help ensure compliance with legal requirements and facilitate effective land use and development.

Each of these services that we offer are based on our

Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction:
At Geo Point Surveyors we focus on delivering exceptional service and client satisfaction. We value accuracy, efficiency, and attention to detail in every surveying project. Our team of experienced surveyors works closely with customers to understand their specific requirements and provide tailored solutions. We deliver high-quality surveying outcomes on time and within budget.

Professionalism and Compliance:
Geo Point Surveyors are professional and adhere to legal and quality requirements. We are registered professionals who have knowledge and experience with the latest surveying practices and regulations. We are committed to ethical and responsible surveying techniques, and in that we maintain confidentiality and legal compliance.

Contact us for more information about professional surveying services in Australia. Our team is ready to assist you with any project that requires surveying, mapping, land design and documentation. You can experience the accuracy, reliability and satisfaction that all our clients rave about, yourself.

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