Rural Surveys

What are Rural Surveys?

Rural Surveys are carried out to measure land boundaries in rural areas and also to undertand the topography and the environment of the region. The purposes of rural surveys include land management, agricultural planning and the development of projects in rural regions.


Geo Point surveyors are well experienced in conducting rural surveys that include:

Boundary surveys, topographical surveys, agricultural surveys, environmental surveys, land use and planning surveys, and subdivision surveys.

Why do you need these surveys?

  • Boundary Surveys: Boundary surveys establish and mark the boundaries of rural properties to determine property lines, resolve boundary disputes, and to comply with land ownership regulations.
  • Topographic Surveys: Topographic surveys include information about natural and man-made features of rural land. The survey measures elevation, water bodies, roads, contours, vegetation, and structures. Those engaging in land development, site planning, and engineering projects in rural areas will find these surveys useful.
  • Agricultural Surveys: rural areas are used for farming and agricultural purposes. Geo Point’s agricultural surveys assess soil conditions, drainage patterns, irrigation, and potential crop yield. Crop planning, soil conservation and land management decisions are based on these surveys.
  • Environmental Surveys: Rural areas can house environmentally sensitive habitats that need protection. Geo Point’s comprehensive environmental surveys assess the ecological features of the land such as wildlife habitats, wetlands, and natural reserves.
  • Subdivision Surveys: These are conducted when large rural properties are divided or when there is a need to create new boundaries and access roads. These are surveys are important for land sellers and those looking to divide their land into smaller lots.

Our experienced surveyors are well-versed in conducting rural surveys. Call us now for accurate and reliable surveys now.

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