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We, at Geo Point Surveyors are professional land surveyors in the Sydney area. We have a strong client base who repeatedly avail our services because of our experience, professionalism, and training in using advanced surveying equipment. We assist clients with accurate and reliable surveying solutions.


Here are some of the surveys that we offer as expert land surveyors in Sydney.

Cadastral Surveys

These surveys involve the identification, measurement, and mapping of land boundaries. 

Engineering Surveys

These surveys are primarily used for infrastructure and construction projects and provide precise measurements, topographic mapping, and setting out services for the planning and design of projects.

Strata Surveys

These surveys define the boundaries of individual strata lots and common areas within strata schemes.

Construction Surveys

These are used by builders and contractors for the accurate positioning of structures, foundations, utilities, and other elements according to specifications.

Feature and Level Surveys

This survey collects information about the existing features and contours. The data is crucial for architectural design, land development, and environmental planning.

Dilapidation Surveys

These surveys assess the condition of neighboring buildings and infrastructure. The data is primarily used as a reference for any potential damage claims.

Geo Point Surveyors’ team is committed to providing excellent services that are accurate, pay attention to detail, and adhere to industry standards. Come to us if you want to address all legal compliance and measurement issues without taking any added stress. Our team is here to assist.  Call us today!

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