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Are you a property owner, investor, or leasing agent? Then you must always be in search of a reliable team to carry out lettable area surveys.

What are Lettable Area Surveys?

Lettable area surveys measure the space that can be rented or leased in a commercial property. This information prepares lease agreements, rental valuations, property management, and space planning.


How are Geo Point Surveyors different from others?

Geo Point’s services are known for accurate measurements and compliance with standards. You can be sure that we will accurately measure floor areas, ceiling heights, and all other aspects and to the umpteenth detail.

We follow meticulous procedures that automatically enable us to comply with regulatory standards. Our team of experienced professionals is well aware of relevant standards, guidelines, and best industry practices. We adhere to measurement standards set by the Property Council of Australia, the International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS), and other applicable regulations.

Why should you choose her?

We ensure that all our clients get accurate information regardless of whether they are property owners, tenants, or any category of stakeholders. We specialize in measurement techniques that are essential to get the most accurate lettable survey results. After all, you don’t want to lose potential income based on misinformation.

At Geo Point, we understand the specific requirements of property leasing and management well. With Geo Point’s team, you can work on getting tenants on board and charging the right price because you can be certain that your information is accurate and reliable.

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