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Delimitation plans are used for land surveys and to demarcate property boundaries. It is important to keep in mind that the terminology can differ among jurisdictions, which is why it is important to go through an authorised surveyor such as Geo Point Surveyors.

Using our service for delimitation plans will ensure that you get the requirements right and the documentation perfect so that you can focus on execution.

Here are some aspects of the delimitation plans that are prepared by Geo Point Surveyors.


Boundary Identification
Boundary identification is the most important aspect of a delimitation plan. Geo Point Surveyors utilize many different surveying techniques including measurements, observations, and references to cadastral information to demarcate boundary lines.

Measurement and Mapping
The purpose of the delimitation plan is to make sure that the measurements are accurate. To this end, our team at Geo point surveyors make sure that they take precise measurements using total stations, GPS receivers, and other advanced tools. The maps that we make illustrate the boundaries clearly and also mention angles and other data.

Legal Descriptions
Legal descriptions are an important part of documentation such as delimitation plans. The descriptions we develop include all the necessary measurements, data and terminology that the jurisdiction requires. These include bearings, angles, reference points and other factors based on the applicable regulations.

Compliance with Regulations
Geo point surveyors ensure that the delimitation plan adheres to the requirements of local land authorities and surveying agencies.

Certification and Lodgement
Once the plan is ready it is important to make sure that the data provided in it is adequate for certification. This certification is important for the developers to get the go ahead to start work on the property. 

Given the detailed legal requirements involved in property transactions, it is important to have a surveying expert on board who knows all the legal and statutory requirements. Geo Point Surveyors are the only team that you need to get the data and documentation ready so that you can focus on executing your plan.

We are sure that you have some questions about delimitation plans and Geo Point Surveyors services. Here are some common questions that we have answered over the years.


Q: What is land surveying?

A: Land surveying measures, maps and defines the boundaries and features of a piece of land. Terrain, property lines, and other detail are included in the survey.

Q: Why is land surveying important?

A: Land surveying is used in different industries and applications. The survey is important for uses in property development, land subdivision, and  construction. Surveying provides the basic data and information for decision-making and compliance.

Q: How are land surveys conducted?

A: Land surveys are conducted using specialized surveying equipment, such as total stations, GPS receivers, laser scanners, and drones. Surveyors collect data by taking precise measurements, recording observations, and capturing detailed information about the site’s land, structures, and other features. The data is then processed and analyzed to create accurate maps, plans, and reports.

Q: What qualifications do land surveyors have?

A: Land surveyors have formal education in surveying or a related field. They have academic degrees in surveying, geomatics, or civil engineering. They are required to acquire practical experience through internships or apprenticeships. A license or certification is necessary for them to practice as professional land surveyors.

Q: What is the cost of land surveying?

A: The cost of land surveying depends on the size and complexity of the site as well as the type of survey required. We would advise you to contact the Geo Point Surveyors’ team to get a proper estimate of your project. We will give you a breakdown of fees based on the scope of work involved so that you can decide on the service you want to purchase.

For more details and queries feel free to contact us.

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