Volume Surveys

What are Volume Surveys?

Volume surveys are essential for calculating earthwork quantities, stockpile volumes, and material assessments in construction, mining, and infrastructure projects. The data from a volume survey is used in project planning, cost estimations, inventory management of materials as well as complying with regulations.


Why do you need Volume Surveys?

The primary purpose of these surveys is to determine the fill and cut quantities. Cut is excavation of materials from a site, whereas fill means the addition of materials to raise up the levels. Volume surveys are needed to grade, construct roads, excavate foundations, and level fields.

How are Geo Point Surveyors different?

At Geo Point Surveyors, we offer precise volume surveys using advanced surveying equipment and software. We process the collected survey data using specialized software to analyse the elevation data and generate cut and fill maps, contour maps, and 3D models. The survey helps to illustrate the distribution and quantities of materials within the surveyed area.

Our surveyors capture detailed topographic data and utilize cutting-edge techniques to calculate accurate volumes. Whether you need volume surveys for quantity estimation, cost analysis, or project management, we provide reliable and efficient solutions.

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