Drone Surveys

What are Drone Surveys?

Drones have revolutionized the surveying industry. Drone surveys offer accurate and efficient capture of data, especially by conducting aerial surveys and inspections.

Geo Point’s licensed drone operators capture high-resolution imagery, videos, and LiDAR data, which in turn provides accurate and detailed information for mapping, site analysis, and volume calculations.


These unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) surveys capture high-resolution imagery and data. The elements of this service include:

Data Capture

Geo Point uses high resolution cameras and specialised sensors on the drones to capture aerial images, thermal data, and topographic data. We collect comprehensive data for decision making using our high-quality equipment.

Site Mapping

Orthomosaic images and aerial maps that we make as a result of stitching together hundreds or thousands of high-resolution images captured by the drone are accurate. The information provided includes an accurate idea of the site terrain, structures and other features so that the site can be designed appropriately.

All our efforts enable us to deliver accurate and reliable 3D models and surveys that are in compliance with all legal requirements, and are cost-effective, accurate and efficient.

Why should I choose Geo Point for Drone surveys?

Geo Point is a reputable company of licensed surveyors in South Wales. In addition to our surveyors we also have a reliable team of technical experts who can fly the drones, understand data capture, undertake comprehensive 3D modelling tasks and much more.

We also use state of the art equipment. Drone technology is progressing rapidly due to it’s wide applications. We keep our technology as updated as possible to that the data and images can be accurate, reliable, and clear. Call us to see what we can do for you!

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