Preliminary Strata Plan

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What is a preliminary strata plan?

A preliminary strata plan shows your lot layout including car and storage spaces and common property areas.

Why do you need a preliminary strata plan?

If you are looking to strata subdivide your development, you will require approval through either your local council or a Strata Certifier. In order for this to happen you will require a preliminary strata plan to accompany your application.

Preliminary strata plans are also required to be included in contracts of sale so the buyer is informed of exactly what they are purchasing.

What can Geo point Surveyors do for you?

Geo point Surveyors is fully insured and have Registered Surveyors employed to carry out and sign your preliminary strata plan. We pride ourselves on our three tier quality control process and providing exceptional customer service to all our clients.

More information about a preliminary strata plan

The preliminary strata plan is calculated and drafted and shows the new lots and associated spaces such as storage and car and common areas. It is a requirement that a preliminary strata plan is prepared by a Registered Surveyor.