Plan of Easement

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What is a plan of easement?

During the stormwater design process, your engineer may find that you will need to use a portion of a neighbouring property to run your pipes. In order to legally formalise this, you will be required to create an easement. A plan of easement shows the location and size of the easement.

Why do you need a plan of easement?

A plan of easement will show the location and size of the easement together with relevant survey information required by the Registered Surveyor to prepare the plan. Accompanying this will be an 88B Instrument stating the terms by which each party to the easement needs to comply. This is required to legalise the use of portion of another person’s land for such purposes as installing pipes for drainage.

What can Geo point Surveyors do for you?

Geo point Surveyors is fully insured and have Registered Surveyors employed to carry out and sign your preliminary plan of subdivision. We pride ourselves on our three tier quality control process and providing exceptional customer service to all our clients.

More information about a plan of easement

The plan of easement will need to be signed by yourself, the adjoining property owners and any mortgagees prior to submission to Land Registry Services. In cases where Council land is involved, the plan will also need to be signed by Council.