Occupational Certificate

An occupational certificate is also known as a building completion certificate. This is an official document that confirms that a structure has been completed in compliance with applicable building codes, regulations. It ascertains that the building has been constructed with appropriate safety standards, and that it is ready for use. 

At Geo Point Surveyors we assist our clients in getting the necessary documentation ready for issuance of the occupational certificate.


This certificate is evidence of:

Legal Compliance

The certificate is proof that the building has been developed as per regulations and demonstrates that the construction work has met the required safety, structural, and functional standards set by the local authorities.

Occupancy and Use

It permits the building be legally occupied and used. It could be a residential, commercial, or industrial property, but without the occupational certificate, the building cannot be used. The certificate is proof that the building has passed the standards for safety and that all systems such as fire, electrical, plumbing, and ventilation are in place. It also shows that the building is accessible to all kinds of users. 

Geo Point Surveyors survey in a manner that it can be used for multiple purposes. One of this use is:

Property Transactions

People engaged in carrying out property transactions, such as sales or leases, require the occupational certificate to assure potential buyers or tenants that the building is legally compliant.

The process of obtaining the certificate becomes easy with Geo Point Surveyors’ experts carrying out the documentation. The certificate provides confidence in the property’s condition and adherence to building regulations and allows the buyers and sellers to experience smooth transactions.

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