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Accurate and dependable surveying services are critical in land development, construction projects, and property disputes. Geo Point Surveyors distinguishes itself among the industry’s best surveying firms for its dedication to excellence and precision. 

We have a reputation for offering the best identification survey services, thanks to years of experience and a team of highly competent professionals. 


What are Identification Surveys?

Land development and property management rely heavily on identification surveys. They entail assessing the precise boundaries and measurements of a piece of land, identifying any encroachments, and giving a correct written representation of the property. 

These surveys form the basis for various legal and administrative operations, including acquiring permits, resolving boundary disputes, and planning construction projects.

Why Geo Point Surveyors?

One of the main reasons Geo Point Surveyors succeeds at providing identification survey services is its highly qualified workforce. We use licensed surveyors with considerable training and a thorough understanding of surveying procedures, land laws, and regulations. 

Because of this knowledge, we can perform complicated surveying tasks precisely and accurately, guaranteeing that clients receive dependable and legally acceptable survey reports.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Geo Point Surveyors additionally invests in cutting-edge surveying technology and equipment to provide the highest level of accuracy in its surveys. We maintain on the front edge of surveying technology, from cutting-edge GPS devices to laser scanning and digital mapping tools. 

Our surveyors can collect exact measurements, make detailed maps, and prepare complete reports that match the specific demands of their clients by utilizing these technological instruments.

We provide 100% Transparency.

Furthermore, we recognize the value of open communication and client collaboration throughout the surveying process. We prioritize understanding each project’s specific requirements and objectives, ensuring they produce personalized solutions that meet their client’s expectations. 

Surveyors in our organization collaborate closely with property owners, developers, architects, and other stakeholders to obtain necessary information and answer any problems, resulting in a smooth and efficient surveying procedure.

Highly Professional Staff

We are committed to sustaining the highest levels of professionalism and honesty in addition to their technical expertise. We follow industry best practices and ethical principles to ensure their surveys are transparent and accurate. 

Clients can rely on us to deliver independent and objective survey reports, critical for making educated decisions about land development and property transactions.

We Never Miss Any Deadlines

Another feature that distinguishes us is our dedication to timeliness. In the fast-paced building and property development business, we realize that time is of the essence.

We finish surveys within agreed-upon timescales while maintaining the highest quality and accuracy. Our commitment to providing fast and efficient services has earned the trust and happiness of many clients over the years.

What do we Offer as Our Service?

We offer the experience and resources to perform various identification survey tasks for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our detailed survey reports provide precise measurements, boundary data, and other important information for legal and administrative purposes. 

Clients can have peace of mind knowing that our surveying needs will be addressed professionally, accurately, and efficiently by hiring Geo Point Surveyors.

One of the Leading Service Providers

Finally, we distinguish itself as a prominent provider of identification survey services. We provide dependable and accurate survey reports for diverse land development, and property management needs thanks to our team of qualified professionals, innovative surveying equipment, and commitment to excellence. 

Geo Point Surveyors is the go-to pick for clients looking for the best identification survey services due to their knowledge, professionalism, and prompt delivery. For more information, you can contact us through our website or by phone at 0455 255 636 and through email at

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