Dual Occupancy

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What is a Dual Occupancy?

A Dual Occupancy is the development of two dwellings on one single legal lot of land. These can either be attached dwellings where the dwellings share a common wall (also commonly known as duplexes) or detached where the dwellings are separate standalone buildings.

Dual Occupancy Subdivision

Subdivision is the process of legally dividing a property into two or more lots. When looking at subdividing your Dual Occupancy the main factor that must be considered is the method of subdivision that the property is eligible for.
There are two possible methods for subdividing a Dual Occupancy
1.) Torrens Title Subdivision
2.) Strata Subdivision.

Torrens Title Subdivision

A Torrens Title Subdivision is the separation of two or more lots with the result being legally separate independent ownership of each lot without any common property.

Strata Subdivision

A Strata Subdivision is the separation of lots with the result being independent ownership of all lots and parts that form those lots such as car spaces and storage spaces and areas known as Common Property which are owned and maintained by all owners collectively under one Strata Plan. Common Property areas include stairwells, driveways and any other portions of the property that are used by all inhabitants.

More information about a plan of easement

The plan of easement will need to be signed by yourself, the adjoining property owners and any mortgagees prior to submission to Land Registry Services. In cases where Council land is involved, the plan will also need to be signed by Council.