Subdivision, Strata & Consolidation

Subdivision, strata, and consolidation services provided by Geo point surveyors are accurate and reliable. Our team of experts is experienced and trained at providing these services efficiently and promptly. Here are some of the services that are included in each of these.



Subdivision surveys include the accurate determination of boundaries of land parcels that are required to create a plan. 

The Geo Point Surveyors team assists in the design and layout of the subdivision while ensuring compliance with zoning requirements and local regulations. In addition to this, our team also prepares the documentation required for the subdivision application. 


Geo Point Surveyors’ team also offers the preparation of strata plans. To maintain the quality of this service, we accurately define the strata boundaries and carefully cover the common property ownership as well. We help in the preparation of a strata plan, mapping of common areas and facilities in the strata, and the demarcation of the boundary. 

Another important Strata service that our team provides includes Strata Title Conversion. In cases where the property is being converted into a strata, our team assists in the documentation process for the conversion. 


Geo Point Surveyors team offers consolidation services that include boundary adjustment where adjacent lots are consolidated. This requires accuracy and legal compliance that our team ensures. 

In addition to the survey we also offer our services for Consolidation Plan Preparation and application that combines all the information required to apply for the consolidation process.

Geo Point Surveyors ensure accurate measurements, boundary delineation, and documentation for subdivision, strata, and consolidation projects. Our expertise helps to ensure compliance with local regulations and facilitates the smooth execution of these property-related processes.

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