Subdivision Plans

Geo Point Surveyors’ subdivision plan involves delineating and mapping the land into separate lots or parcels for development or selling.

Here are some of the different services we offer when you avail of our subdivision plan services:


Identification of boundaries
As with any transaction involving land, it is crucial to understand how much of the land is included in the consideration for the development or sale of the parcel of land. 

The layout of the lot
At Geo Point Surveyors, we design the lot’s layout based on the client’s requirements. Once the client has determined the size and shape of the lot, we help them create a subdivision plan based on factors such as access, zoning requirements, and utilities.

As with any land transaction, it is important to comply with different regulations from local bodies. Geo Point Surveyors adhere to the regulations and requirements set by local planning departments and land authorities. We ensure compliance with subdivision ordinances, setback requirements, road access specifications, and others.

Documentation and Approvals
It is important that all documents and plans are in order when applying for project approval. With our team on board, you can be sure that all documents are in order, and that if there is anything amiss, our team members will be sure to ask for it and get it in order. Geo Point Surveyors develops documents that can be easily submitted to the appropriate authorities for review and approval.

Stakeout and Marking
After the approval of the subdivision plan, the Geo Point Surveyors team can also help you with marking of the boundary of the property. This process is requires the physical demarcation of the property.

Certification and Finalization
Geo Point Surveyors provide a statement of compliance and accuracy which is required for the registration, permit and other legal process.

We would strongly recommend that you discuss your requirements with our team so that we can develop a subdivision plan in accordance with your specific case. We can also provide guidance for the necessary steps.

If you have any questions regarding subdivision plans, you can go through some of these FAQs:

Q: What is a subdivision plan?

A subdivision plan is the division of a large parcel of land into smaller lots. A subdivision plan is detailed and marks the layout, boundaries, and dimensions of each parcel of land.

Q: What is the purpose of a subdivision plan?

The subdivision plan is developed to get the property divisions to be legally recognized and properly defined. It is an important document when the sale, development, and registration of individual lots is taking place, and ascertains that the subdivisions adhere with the local planning regulations and land use requirements.

Q: Who is responsible for preparing a subdivision plan?

A registered land surveyor will prepare subdivision plans. Geo Point Surveyors are registered land surveyors with the expertise and knowledge to survey the property, design the lot layout, and prepare the necessary documentation for submission to the local councils.

Q: What are the key steps involved in the subdivision process?

The subdivision process includes the following:

  • property research
  • surveying and mapping
  • design and layout of lots
  • preparation of subdivision documentation
  • lodgement with the local council or planning authority
  • obtaining necessary approvals
  • public notification and consultation

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