Lodgement to Authorities

Lodgement is the process to provide the necessary information to authorities so that they can review, assess, and make decisions about the property objectively. Lodgement to authorities entails that informed decisions are made based on the submitted materials. Here are some of the services that Geo Point surveyors provide for subdivision, strata, and consolidation projects.

  • Survey Plan Lodgement
  • Subdivision Application
  • Strata Plan Lodgement
  • Documentation and Forms
  • Consolidation Plan Lodgement
  • Consolidation Application

Different lodgement procedures may differ depending on the jurisdiction and the relevant authorities involved. When you have Geo point surveyors on board you can focus on all the other aspects of your property transactions and leave the survey and documentation tasks to us. 

Our team has been serving clients for years and have a firm hold on the legal requirements as well as the technicalities involved in measuring boundaries accurately. We have served hundreds of clients looking for lodgement to authorities services so you are in good hands. 

What are you waiting for? Call us now and take advantage of our experienced team to save you time and stress in collecting and preparing information for lodgement to authorities.

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