Lettable Area Surveys

Lettable surveys are commonly conducted to precisely measure and calculate the leasable area within a commercial or industrial property. It assesses the usable floor space that can be rented or leased to tenants.

The purpose of this survey is to determine the rental value of a property in lease agreements and valuations.


The guidelines and standards that are set by the Property Council of Australia’s Method of Measurement for Lettable Area (PCA Method). This method is a framework for measure the lettable area and also considers factors such as vertical penetrations, exclusions, internal walls as well as common areas.

As far as documentation is concerned, the requirements are different based on local regulations as well as the objective of the lettable area survey. However, at Geo Point Surveyors, as the experts in Lettable Area Surveys we can give you guidance about the different documents that are required for legal approvals.

The documents include
Survey Plan: the survey plan is detailed and depicts the layout of the building as well as the separate areas and measurements.
Calculation Sheet: this sheet is comprehensive and details measurements and calculations that have been used to determine the lettable area of the spaces.

Written Report: this is where the survey findings, methodology and other relevant observations are included.

Geo Point Surveyors are highly professional and we ensure that there is a hundred percent compliance with standards. It is also ensured that the PCA Method is followed so that accuracy and consistency can be assured.

Why us?
Here are some reasons why many of our clients always come to us for their survey and land documentation requirements.

Geo Point Surveyors are an experienced and qualified team of surveyors. We have in-depth knowledge of the PCA Method and other applicable standards. Our team understands the intricacies involved in accurately measuring and calculating the lettable area of commercial and industrial buildings.

Advanced Technology
At Geo Point surveyors, we use advanced surveying equipment and software to do precise measurements and calculations. Through this technology we are able to collect and process data efficiently processing. The technology also allows us to reduce the margin of error and enhance the overall accuracy of the survey.

Attention to Detail

Geo Point Surveyors pay attention to detail and assess internal walls, common areas, exclusions, and other areas of the building to ensure accurate and comprehensive lettable area calculations.

Compliance and Quality Assurance
Geo Point Surveyors comply with industry standards and local regulations for their survey documentation. Our team maintains a strong commitment to quality assurance and to this end we conduct thorough checks and reviews to deliver reliable results.

Client-Focused Approach

Geo Point Surveyors emphasise understanding the specific needs and requirements of clients. We work closely with clients, provide clear communications, address any concerns, and deliver customized solutions.

By combining expertise, advanced technology, attention to detail, compliance, and a client-focused approach, Geo Point Surveyors strives to deliver Lettable Area Surveys that exceed client expectations and provide accurate and reliable information for commercial and industrial property leasing.

We are a group of talented individuals with professional degrees and a penchance for technology. Our surveys are appreciated for their accuracy, reliability, and attention to detail that allows us to easily get approvals for our clients. Call us today and experience our professional services for yourself.

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