Final Survey and Report

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What is a final survey and report?

A final survey and report shows the location of a newly built structure on a property including its roof height, floor level, its position in relation to the boundaries and any encroachments onto the neighbouring properties.

Why do you need final survey and report?

A final survey is a mandatory requirement by the Principal Certifying Authority prior to issuing of the Occupation Certificate.

What can Geo point Surveyors do for you?

Geo point Surveyors is fully insured and have Registered Surveyors employed to carry out and sign your preliminary plan of subdivision. We pride ourselves on our three tier quality control process and providing exceptional customer service to all our clients.

More information about a final survey and report

Once a final survey and report is completed, the information is then calculated and drafted into a signed sketch including an accompanying report outlining the findings and is signed by a Registered Surveyor.