Boundary Surveys Sydney

A boundary survey is an important aspect of home ownership due diligence, especially if you plan to subdivide, extend, or improve, your NSW property. The purpose of a boundary survey is to show you where the legal limits of your property lie—usually by defining the corners of your plot—so you can avoid the expense and stress of any potential legal disputes with your neighbours or Council.

Your title and lending companies might also ask for proof of a professional boundary survey (undertaken by a registered land surveyor) to minimise their risk of lending. So, it’s important to follow the right process to get your property boundaries properly surveyed.

When do you need a boundary survey?

A boundary survey offers critical decision making information for negotiations around land division and price point. There are a number of situations where you might need one, for example, as due diligence when you’re about to make a major property purchase (like a new new home) especially if you plan on developing it.

Most commonly, however, boundary surveys are used for the installation of new fencing—for example, to clarify whose property the fence sits on, and who’s responsible for their maintenance or repair—or when disputes arise; perhaps a neighbour is building illegally or encroaching on your property (or, is accusing you of the same).

How does the boundary survey process work?

Carrying out your boundary survey is a methodical process that generally happens over two phases: research of land records and visiting the property for a field survey.

The starting point is for your qualified surveyor to review the property’s deposited plans and title certificates, which helps them understand the property boundaries and ownership. Once the document research is complete, your qualified land surveyor will then visit the property to take physical measurements. They will place physical markers at each corner of the boundary line and use surveying equipment to measure the distances. Once complete they will analyse and verify the accuracy of their data.

Do I need a qualified NSW surveyor for my boundary survey?

Because boundary surveys relate to the legal definition of a property or parcel of land, they must be undertaken by (or in some cases, under the supervision of) a Registered Surveyor to comply with NSW regulations.

A poorly conducted survey can have serious consequences for your property and your project. For example, you run the risk of violating local code, losing any landowners disputes, and in some cases, risking title defects and transfer of land ownership. So, we recommend you always get your boundary surveys carried out by a professional, registered NSW land surveyor.